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Indian Head Trail and Fish Hawk Cliffs - Adirondack Mountains

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I get to cross this one off my bucket list. I've been wanting to climb a mountain for a photo session for as long as I've been photographing couples. I expected it to be challenging with it being the snowy season in the mountains but I made the mistake of not hitting the gym a few times before the climb. Spoiler alert; I couldn't walk by the time we were done.

This was not one of the high peaks. Luckily this was a low summit with a 1400' climb extending over 4 miles of trail (4 miles in, 4 miles out). It would have been 11 miles but we decided it wasn't worth it with the days being shorter and with it already being in the single digits with wind chill (and it was sooo windy!), so we went out the way we came.

It was absolutely worth the experience and I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.

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