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Glen Iris Inn, Letchworth State Park

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Waterfall, Ceremony, Letchworth State Park
Middle Falls Overlook

I love Letchworth State Park! This wedding had beautiful weather in a stunning location. Even if the weather turned for the worse, which it didn’t, Letchworth looks good no matter what weather it’s wearing.  

One thing I like about this job is the diversity in venues. One week I can be in the heart of a city, and the next I’ll be in the middle of nowhere. I like the diversity. It helps me stay creative and inspired. That’s one of the reasons I never wanted a 9 to 5 office job — too much of the same old, same old.

Back to the wedding >>>

Middle Falls, right behind the inn, makes for a stunning backdrop for a ceremony. The staff at Glen Iris Inn do a great job at making the overlook that normally is swarming with onlookers, feel private for the ceremony. I completely forgot we were in a tourist destination all together!

The inn itself, is quite lovely. The winding staircase that leads to the bridal sweet on the third floor is a great spot for photos. It’s kind of tight and dimly lit, but the windows toward the top make a nice diffused light source.

The reception was in the field next to the inn. Tent receptions are a norm for summer weddings. My only issue with it is that it’s right next to the parking lot. It’s great for the guests but not great for photos. Nevertheless, any photographer shouldn’t have a problem working around that little dilemma. 

The bride and groom picked a good day for their wedding. We had an unexpected show of hot air balloons flying over the falls and overhead. It was sweet! 

I’ve got another wedding coming up at Glen Iris this August. So pumped!!

The vendors that rocked at serving the happy couple >>>

Florist: Genesee Valley Florist

Transportation: RTS Wyoming Bus Service

Videographer: Elegant Event Videos

DJ: DJ Riggs

Cake: Muscoreil’s

Venue: Glen Iris Inn 

Second Photographer: Katya Rosien





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