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Dubsado CRM

Hey small business friends. I just started using Dubsado and here's why >>>

It's streamlining my business to the max. Everything is all in one place: contacts, emails, invoices, contracts, etc. . . . I can already see this software freeing up time for me down the road.

It was so great finding out Dubsado offers templates for pretty much any form you could think of right off the bat. It was daunting trying to create countless forms off the top of my head, but as I'm starting to learn, the team at Dubsado had that one figured out already too.

One of the major selling points for me was the ability to have my clients sign contracts online. It's a huge benefit that kicks snail mail in the butt. Less paperwork to file and store equals more space and less hassle.

Another benefit Dubsado offers is its integration with Quickbooks. Remember how I said all in one...

Lastly, (for now at least) Dubsado accepts payment through Stripe, Square and even Paypal! I've had quite a few clients ask if I accept credit but now I can! Weddings are expensive so I completely understand the desire to put some things on credit.

It's taking a lot of work to get all my forms and documents polished and ready to publish, but I can already tell once Dubsado is up and running things will be as smooth as butter saving me loads of time.

If you're interested in signing up, use my code Marcus2020 at checkout or just follow this link >>>

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